On Hiatus

Thanks to everyone who has supported me these past few years through some art fits and starts. As of last year the site is more or less officially shuttered as I embark on a career at Google with great excitement.
Who knows where life will take me, however, and life may turn back to art again in the future.

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Been spending the last 2 weeks sketching in an attempt to get my drawing skills back up to par. Endless stock images and educational anatomy books!Practice sketch- skull

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In the interests of making room for new work and getting a fresh start, any work not currently listed as “Sold” in the gallery is for sale for 25-50% off listed price. Please contact me with the name of the piece you’re interested in and we can negotiate the details.

UPDATE: A few of the pieces are now either sold or reserved, there are 6 remaining for sale including Wanderland, Penumbra, Veritas II, Closing In, and Whatever Things Fall.

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Glass Blowing Survey at BAGI

This past Sunday I took a glass blowing survey class at the Bay Area Glass Institute.

Large scale (‘hot shop’) glass work has always been very appealing to me because of the parallels it shares with my canvas pieces:
You choose ‘what’ you’re making, you decide ‘why,’ you plan ‘how,’ but then you have to release into the actual act of creation and accept that what will happen is not always what you thought. You have to accept the organic results within the more rigid process and adapt to them.

I made 2 ‘sample’ pieces at the survey that I’ve posted shots of below and will definitely be taking another, more comprehensive class soon!

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Things Afoot

Refreshed, refocused, renewed, and re-energized. Works in progress and a clearer outlook.

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Since Last Time

… new painting finished and the photo finally edited to go up in the gallery shortly, stay tuned!

Started working on a larger piece (30×40) and at the same time a smaller piece (11×14) and I’m enjoying working on more than one piece at once. Hopefully they’ll be up soon as well.

Where have I been? My computer went and broke in early May and it’s taken this long to get it back… it provided me with an interesting lesson on just how much I rely on technology! Now that I’m ‘wired’ again the updates will resume.

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New Piece

A new painting up in the gallery, “Flood.”

The new studio area is excellent, plenty of drawers and cupboards for supplies and a bit more surface space. I’ve got 2 new pieces going at the moment, so stay tuned!

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The need for more space… and specifically more studio space… has finally driven me to move.

New setup should be up and running by next week, so look for pictures of the new studio area (now with hard floors for happier painting!) and some new pieces once I’m all settled.

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New Work and News from Tapino

5 new pieces will be going up shortly (3 very new paintings and 2 to replace older or sold pieces on the ‘Selected Works’ page) so keep an eye out for them. I’ve been going progressively red, which is hands down my personal favorite color, so the piece I’m working on right now is a LOT of red. I love it, hope you will too!

Meanwhile, Tapino Kitchen and Wine Bar is hosting the next Palette to Palate! Take a peek at their current newsletter for more information on the event and the artist.

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New Work and Getting It Out There

Now that the new pieces are up in the gallery, I’ve gone and finished some more. 5 additional pieces are waiting to be photographed and at least 3 of them will make it in to the gallery!

Most of what I’m painting right now is full of reds… obviously I’m wishing it were warmer.

On other fronts, my first ‘mailer’ is almost complete and on its way in to the wide art world. I’m happy with it so far, although there are a few things that need tweaking. After all, there’s nothing harder (in my opinion) for an artist than to have to write about things that they (I) are only able to express in paint. Still, I’m diligently attempting it, so look for an update to the bio/statement page in the near future as well.

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