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Palette to Palate

Palette to Palate
Internal Landscapes

September 28th, 2008

“Palette to Palate” is a unique event combining the visual arts with the culinary arts. Chef James Porter, owner and chef of Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar, has created a five course dinner event, with passed hors d’oeuvres, based on my abstract series “Emotional Abstraction: The Flowing Landscapes of Internal Worlds.” Chef Porter is one of the Valley’s most talented chefs, and I am so pleased to have this artist interpret my art.

The evening begins with a one hour reception where guests can meet and speak to Chef Porter and myself; the upper dining room has been turned in to a gallery for the week and 10 additional paintings from my “Emotional Abstraction” series are on display. In the lower dining room, the six pieces Chef James used for inspiration are displayed; each course of dinner is Chef’s interpretation-on-a-plate of one of these pieces along with a selection of wine. We each discuss our inspirations and motivations for the pieces and between courses I answer questions about the art and talk with the guests. The highlight of the evening is the fourth course, “Self Portrait.” Chef Porter serves his amazing self-portrait on a plate and I unveil a new painting, “Legerdemain- a self portrait,” created specifically for the event.

The meal, guests, and event concept all combine for a spectacular night where the fine arts of painting, food, and wine come together and become accessible to an aficionado of any one of them. With such a successful night, this will hopefully be the first of many interesting collaborations with other artists, of all varieties!

Palette to Palate 1 Palette to Palate 2 Palette to Palate 3

Palette to Palate 5 Palette to Palate 4


Vain SalonVain, A Salon

At this fun and quirky salon, an ongoing display of pieces from my most recent series complement the deft artistry of Bobby’s craft. The eclectic and creative vibe, with a twist of glamour and a chandelier, are the perfect complement to bring out the more whimsical and feminine aspects of my abstract paintings.

Vain Salon 2

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  • Alexandra FitzGerald
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