Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good 2008; I’m back in the studio and painting away with gusto… working to make 2009 the year of the abstract!

I’ve got a web update all ready to be posted with the pieces that were sold at Palette to Palate and have another 2 brand new pieces from 2009 to photograph that will go up not too long afterwards. The photography setup for snapping pictures of the new work is all sorted out, so updates should be coming more regularly.

Out with the old, and in with the new will be the new motto in the gallery as some pieces get replaced. After a year of eating and breathing art, I think my new work speaks more eloquently than ever and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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New Section on the Website

Working on new pieces with a distinctly ‘fall’ colorscheme lately, I blame the weather.

As promised, pictures from Palette to Palate and a write-up of the event are now available to see on the recently added “Exhibitions and Shows” page. Click the new link on the header to read about it!

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Post-Event Lifesigns

Palette to Palate is finished and, if I may say so myself, was a success! The food was amazing and I was so thankful for the wonderful compliments on the art I received. Getting to talk to people about my work was very special and exciting, so thank you very much to everyone who attended.

I’ll be doing a website update soon with pictures of the event and some more information, so stay tuned.

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Countdown to "Palette to Palate"

Heading up to 9/28, I’ve been working on several more of the “internal landscape” abstracts: tentatively titled Peel and Veritas II are completed, with the very tentatively titled The Lost currently on the easel. I’m also working on the ‘self-portrait,’ painted for the main course of the event, which is making good progress; I won’t post pictures of that until after the event, since it’s an exclusive!

I have a few more pieces in-the-works for the event and I’m not done with the whole idea of the contradictory, confusing, and often beautiful worlds that we create within ourselves, so there will definitely be more to the internal landscape/emotional abstraction series. “Ambiguous Gestures” is on hold until after the event, but I’ve got a bunch of ideas brimming for this one and am looking forward to painting a few. I’ll likely be starting a third series, which I’m imagining as an amalgamation of the two series but with some unique elements inspired by working on the self-portrait, in the early fall and moving in to the new year.

Stay tuned… I’ll put new work in the gallery both before and after the event and hopefully post some pictures of the whole night once I’ve survived it!

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Palette to Palate

“Palette to Palate” is a unique event combining the visual arts with the culinary arts. Chef Porter, owner and chef of Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar, is creating a five course dinner event, with passed hors d’oeuvres, based on my abstract series “Emotional Abstraction: The Flowing Landscapes of Internal Worlds.” Chef Porter is one of the Valley’s most talented chefs, and I am excited for the opportunity to have this artist interpret my art.

The evening will begin with a one hour reception where guests can meet and speak to Chef Porter and myself. Each course of dinner will consist of the showing of one of my pieces, alongside Chef’s interpretation on a plate, and his selection of wine. The highlight of the evening will be the fourth course “Self Portrait.” Porter will create, and unveil, his “Self Portrait” on a plate, and I will unveil a new “Self Portrait” on canvas, created specially for the event. In addition, each guest will receive a limited edition hand-made print that includes the evening’s menu that I have created to commemorate the event.

The event will be held on Sunday, September 28th beginning at 5 p.m. For reservations, pricing and menu, and more information see the Tapino website and newsletter or call Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar at 480.991.6887

Hope to see you there!

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In case you were wondering…

Here’s a photo of my current workspace during the creation of ‘Overture.’


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Work In Progress

With some trepidation but a healthy dose of determination (and encouragement) I’ve started a self portrait; into which I’m planning to incorporate not only my current abstract style but more identifiable nods to artists/styles that influence my work. Also working to complete another 6 or so paintings in the abstract series; some square shapes, which are interesting, and a few in the series in other mediums. I’ll probably post the entire thing as a large update in late August, keep an eye out.

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In the works…

There are some very exciting things in the works at the moment… look for higher quality photos of my paintings, including a few new ones, and news on a big new project! Meanwhile, check out Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar in Scottsdale, AZ for good food and a great place to have a drink. 🙂

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Update and Schedule

And another update as a sign of life! I’m putting all my energy into painting as the goal of completing the ‘inner landscape’ series approaches and with the full on start of the second series ‘ambiguous gestures.’ I’m also working to get a standardized pricing structure for commissions to post on the site and work out a deal to make prints available of select pieces. I’ll be out of town on and off for the next two weeks, but will try to do some smaller mixed media works and drawings while I’m away. Once I’m back, not only do I intend to work on the two series, but I’ve got plans to branch out into silk and stained glass, so keep an eye for more info on that! 

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What's going on?

Thought I’d toss an update up:One new abstract piece is ready to be photographed, but since I’m so far through another I’m planning to do a batch of pictures and updates all at once. On the advice of a few people I’ll be doing more of the silhouette paintings… in a series tentatively titled “Ambiguous Gestures.” I’ve started a single canvas piece and will be going on from there.The 20 piece magic number is swiftly approaching, so more writing about art, business about art, and other ‘about art’ things are incoming! 

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